Carnivore Eating At Work


I'm sure there are many people out there wondering how one goes about eating carnivore whilst in the workplace.

As I work an office job, I have access to a microwave, oven, BBQ and fridge, I still choose to prep and keep my food with me. I'm sure my super tasty rare – blew steak wouldn’t last long in the communal fridge... I just can't risk that! Although I highly doubt anyone in my workplace would flog someone's food.


Breakfast cut up to save me making lots of noise whilst eating at my desk

Each evening I will cook dinner as well breakfast for the next morning. Once I've finished devouring dinner I will cut up the second steak into bite sized chunks that are placed into a glass container to take with me to work. The container is then stored in the fridge overnight.

Transport / Storage

Esky with ice brick

I transport my breakfast in a small 10 litre esky with an ice brick lining the bottom, which is well and truly overkill. This has just been a carry-over from my early days of work where I was constantly on the road and attempting to eat better. I chuck the container in along with a single fork and on days that the steak is a little on the lean side I will also include a small tub of homemade tallow.

Eating at work

My lovely ribeye breakfast

These days I don't bother taking myself off to the kitchen / lunch room to eat as it lessens the judgement / questions I get around this way of eating, although majority of my colleagues know I eat strangely. This is fantastic for productivity as I can continue working whilst I eat.

A day of eating

At the moment I am eating 2 meals at roughly 8am and 6pm. Each meal is around 400-500grams of Ribeye which keeps me well and truly full. Occasionally on weekends I may have a third meal around midday.

And that's all there is too it folks. Nice and simple.