Human Choices


Since Christmas I've had a terrible habit of indulging in dessert and other non-foods I wouldn't normally eat. Originally this started as a celebration and now it's just turned into testing the waters on the odd occasion to see if I still enjoy all the non-foods I use to love. Ice cream has been my main indulgence on three occasions. Of those three I have only enjoyed one, the rest just left me feeling empty and wishing I didn't bother to put them in my mouth in the first place. Though I still finished them... go figure.

To my surprise they haven't been affecting me in regard to any IBS or migraines type symptoms (YAH!). The only symptoms I've been experiencing have been brain fog and overall sluggish feeling the following day.

I've recently been turning my hand back to fasting after indulging as a way of controlling myself. This has been working surprisingly well with no weight gain or overeating as a result of my non-food based snacks. The majority of times it will be 16-24 hours fast which does the trick.

The only problem I'm finding is that fasting is turning into my “gateway” to eat whatever I want. So, the controlling is working in one instance but not in another. I feel for me this isn't healthy.

I will continue to have the occasional indulgence when it comes to celebrations, but I'm definitely going to get back to being as strict as I can outside of this. I feel so much better when I am strict on my “carnivore” eating. e.g. Ribeye, lamb, cheese & milk.

For those wondering, I define strict as indulging once every month or two for a single meal. As humans we can't be perfect so I'm not going to beat myself up over the occasional slip. I'll take it in my stride and continue doing what I'm doing!

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