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To learn a little more about how I got here see My Story.

Timeframe 2014 – 2017

Enter my low carb high fat phase or low carb healthy fat as it was later coined! This was an absolute game changer for me despite only improving some of my health issues and introducing some new ones. It was like I’d been living in a fog all my life that had finally been lifted and I could finally see everything for what it was. I actually believe my eye sight improved too. Everything appears more vibrant in colour these days. It was also at this time that I decided to give up alcohol for good. How unaustralian of me.

Healed Health Issues

  1. Struggled to lose weight > 25yr
  2. Brain Fog / Carb Coma
Weight – The Struggle To Lose Weight

I immediately dropped 5kg in the first 2 weeks. This pace didn’t keep but it was an amazing start. I went on to lose 16kg in 4 months with no exercise. Roughly 18 months in I’d dropped a total of 20kg and ~12% body fat from my 83kg starting weight. Eventually I bottomed out at 59kg @ ~13% body fat after 2 years of following this way of eating.

Brain Fog / Carb Coma

Being able to focus on tasks without distraction was a first for me. And seeing life for what it really was.

Remaining Health Issues

  1. Migraines (Macadamia nuts, cheese, spices, pepper, nightshades)
  2. IBS
  3. Rosacea
  4. Leg Cramps

Well these were the most horrible things I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Yes, even worse than the IBS. I’d get up in the morning feeling fine, head into work and then next thing I’d know I’d be in the car by 10am on my way home barely being able to see through the aura’s I was having. I started to find exercise, yard work and even getting angry would bring on attacks. Growing up with a Dad that suffered from terrible migraines made me well aware of certain triggers. This didn't always hold me in good stead as I would totally forget. Nightshades, spices, preservatives and tomatoes were among the worst culprits. Eventually you learn to watch what is in your food!


Most of my symptoms went away, bleeding and pain associated, but I was still passing a 6-7 on the Bristol Stool scale. An improvement I’d take at this point as it was no longer every bowel movement that was an issue.


I didn't have any improvement in my rosacea. If anything, it would flair up more often. This was due to the fact that I had managed to add in more foods that were triggers without realising. E.g. Nuts, Bacon, Eggs, Beef Mince

Leg Cramps

This was a nice new one to have on board. 3-4am each morning I would wake up with terrible cramping in one of my calf muscles. Extra salt and magnesium did little to sort these out.

Foods / Drinks

Below is a brief overview of all the different foods and drinks I was consuming.


Grass fed, all cuts, varied cooking methods and mainly frozen storage






From here I began to transition into a carnivorous way of eating. If you wish to carry on with my story click here.