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To learn a little more about how I got here see My Story.

Timeframe 2017 – 2018

I had always hated my vegetables and I mean hated. I used to be forced to sit at the table until I'd eaten all my dinner... most times this was in the form of broccoli, peas, carrots and potato covered in tomato sauce as I wouldn’t otherwise eat them. If it was too difficult that night a lot of my peas and broccoli would end up hidden under the fridge, minus the sauce. This was reserved for the potato only.

Previously I thought it was all too extreme and restrictive to try, worrying that I would be missing out on nutrients I needed. How wrong I was! I took to it with ease and enjoyed every minute of it. Not to mention all the time saved in the kitchen preparing veggies.

Healed Health Issues

  1. IBS

My IBS completely resolved. No more explosive issues… well unless I over indulged on fat.

Remaining Health Issues

  1. Migraines (Macadamia nuts, cheese, spices, pepper, nightshades)
  2. Rosacea
  3. Leg Cramps

Migraines didn’t improve at all, so I knew it was still something I was eating.


My rosacea flair ups were becoming less frequent. The main culprits that I could nail down were coffee and eggs. But there was still further to go with getting to the bottom of this.

Leg Cramps

Cramps became less frequent, but more painful when they did happen. I would have magnesium salt baths to try and help but if anything they made them worse.

Foods / Drinks

Below is a brief overview of all the different foods and drinks I was consuming.


Grass fed, all cuts, varied cooking methods and mainly frozen storage.




After realising I still wasn't on top of my health issues I decided to take it one step further and go as strict as possible. By this stage I was wishing I cut everything and went as restrictive as possible. Looking back, I believe it is much easier to build yourself back up on foods to find out how you are reacting, rather than removing what you think are triggers for you any issues you may be having. Click here to learn how that's currently working out for me.

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