Carnivore (Strict)

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To learn a little more about how I got here me see My Story.

Timeframe 2018 – Forever

February 2018 I decided to dive head first into grass fed porterhouse or NY Strip for the yanks, with the occasional ribeye full-time. I gave myself a couple of weeks of purely eating these for 3 meals a day before reintroducing different things to see how I’d react.

Healed Health Issues

  1. Migraines (Mincemeat / ground beef, pepper, grain fed meat)
  2. Rosacea (Mincemeat / ground beef, coffee, bacon)
  3. Leg Cramps (Salt)

First up was mincemeat, 4 days later hello migraine! I also found that if I was running low on steaks and just grabbed something grain fed from the shop I would also have a mild reaction. YAH. I’m expensive to run… but anything is better than losing your life to migraines.


Along with my migraines I was finding within the next 2 days my face would be extremely itchy and then flair up. Mostly because I couldn’t stop myself from scratching and picking at it. Bacon was next up for trial as my wife was eating it and I just couldn’t say no to the smell! Well same problem :(. I did later on try nitrate free bacon which tasted absolutely amazing but didn’t make me feel overly great. So, this was officially the end of my bacon eating career, at least on a regular basis. Lastly my new crutch that I had given away when going carnivore was coffee. I really enjoyed it so figured I’d give it a go. Low and behold massive face flairs especially dependent on the quality of the coffee. I found that organic fresh beans would cause the least reaction.

Leg Cramps

Well then, this a surprising one. Salt… yes salt. I was working under the assumption that I wouldn’t want to be short on electrolytes so was heavily salting my steaks. It also helped with the flavour as well, especially if I happened to have a leaner cut. It took maybe 2-3 days after stopping all salt and then the leg cramps were a thing of the past!

Remaining Health Issues

  1. Mouth Ulcers (Possibly stress related)
Mouth Ulcers

Now these things are annoying as anything. I would either accidentally bite the inside of my mouth or at least think I did and then I’d have them for the next week. Just as one would heal another would start. I was salt water rinsing my mouth each morning and evening, but this did nothing to help them heal. I even tried some raw honey to no avail.

Foods & Drinks


Beef (Fresh Ribeye, BBQ, never frozen, Marrow) Beef Bone Marrow


No added salt


Water (Hot and room temperature)

Choosing to eat this way was easily the best decision of my life. I have finally gotten on top of nearly all of my health issues. Decisions of what to shop for an eat are so simple and I look forward to every meal. I can highly recommend using this as an elimination style diet to find out is causing your different issues. I’m sure there will be many out there that are able to tolerate more varied foods than myself. So, give it a go and see if it’s for you.

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